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General Discussion
General Discussion
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Laws, regulations, and common practice
To talk about the laws and regulations that affect those offering and buying prescription drugs online
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Re: Pres Bush: Stop Online Drug S... (
News, articles, and things worth reading
To discuss news, articles, and suggested reading materials
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Re: Happiness and Staying Positive (manny12)
Polls & Surveys
Ask any question and provide multiple options to create polls and surveys as desired. Vote on polls and surveys created by others...
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Re: Football Poll (MiNdBoGlYn)
How To Talk With Your Doctor
This forum is to discuss the best way to talk to your doctor, how to get the treament you need, how to help your doctor understand, bad experiences, suggestions, help...
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Re: Pain management doctors~why th... (~Titan~)
Frustration rants and venting related to medicine and buying meds online
Frustration. A home for venting...
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Re: (losinghope)
Other medicine related topics
This is for other general discussion topics that do not fit in the other forums but it is not for off topic discussions
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xenical (svennis)
Expose - A- Crook
This forum will be dedicated to crooks, lyers, cheats, and to people that prey on those buying meds on line. The focus in on those using deception and dishonest methods to make a living. Use this forum to post how you were cheated, to expose the methods used, to warn others. Sites offering poor service do not qualify as crooks.
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Re: Apparently A SCAM !! (pharmboy)
Lists, lists. and more lists
This is a forum for lists. List of NOP's, list of sites that ship to FL, list of sites with good prices, list of sites that use the same doctor, any list you wish to contribute. Requires a litle work but it will be appreciated!
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Re: April 17 NROP List (~Titan~)
Behind the scenes (Members Only)
Behind the scenes. Some intelligence and a little gossip about OCS's, owners, and reps (Members only - No reps)
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