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Avoid at this time.

First, I'd like to say that my early experience with this online pharmacy was
very good for the most part, although, frankly, communication has been a glaring
weakness from the beginning.

My most recent and worst experience with them though has convinced me they
simply are not worth doing business with.

A brief medical history: I have been diagnosed with severe migraines and with
progressive degenerative joint disease. My pain is constant and severe and I have
sought to deal with alleviating it with hydrocodone, because I have found no other Rx nearly as
effective and which will allow me to continue to work and fulfill daily

I have documented the history with ample medical records. This is not an issue.
And my neurologist has prescribed hydrocodone, just not enough to do the job on
an ongoing basis.

My complaint with doctor-scripts has nothing to do with policy or with their
decisions regarding dispensation. It has to do with horrible communication and a
total lack of responsiveness. No customer service can realistically be

Getting through to these people on their customer service line is virtually
impossible unless you are willing to dial the number repeatedly all day long
and then stay on hold indefinitely. Even then, more than half the time, I
either have been cut off or notified after long waits that I will need to call
back another time.

I can go on line to check the status of my order, but the updates are very,
very generic, such as "Medical records do not meet requirements", "State ID is
illegible or not present". I have sent every document repeatedly for days. The
handful of times I have been persistent and patient enough to actually speak
with a person, they have been unable to tell me exactly why my faxed documents
have not been acceptable.

I often see in my status report that I have been sent an email regarding this
or that, but I have not received an email in months. I mentioned this to the
telephone rep, and she acknowledged that is a widespread, ongoing problem
and that they are aware of it and will be working on it.

It is totally amazing to me that, considering they gladly have taken my money
for a consultation, they have not have not provided any more information than
I have been afforded in spite of constant and plaintive efforts on my part, and
that it is so incredibly difficult to find anything out at all.

At this point all I want to do is to have my consultation fee refunded and to
warn as many people as possible to avoid the nightmare I have experienced for
several days now with this horribly dysfunctional online pharmacy.
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